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There have been many users who have been facing the same problem of enabling camera in the Android emulator. When you are trying to use the Android emulator camera then it just doesn’t let you click so what do you do now? Basically the problem is that in an Android whenever you are trying to develop any Android Virtual Devices then the camera gets disabled automatically therefore you cannot click the camera button. Now to use that camera it is obvious that you have to turn it on but for that you have to know the procedure first. You will also witness an error message saying that ‘Please insert an SD-card’.

How-To-Enable-Camera-Using-Android-EmulatorThe most annoying thing is that when you start seeing boxes all around like that of a chessboard and you start thinking that something might have gone seriously wrong. No serious damage has been done to your system, it is just that you need to follow some steps and you will be ready to use your Android emulator camera.

Enabling the camera in Android Emulator

In order to enable the camera you will have to make use of some coding, but don’t worry as it is no rocket science that you are getting into. It is really simple and you will easily be able to do that without any assistance. Some users are not aware of the work of HTML, but it doesn’t really matter that much here because you have to follow each step religiously and you will have the camera enabled for you to use. Therefore, don’t get scared when you look at the codes because they are very much uncomplicated. You have to also define the SD card in order to use the camera in the emulator. Now follow the below mentioned steps and enable your android camera –

–          Go to the User Directory / Android Folder and there you will find the Android Virtual Devices Config file

–          You have to add the code in Android Virtual Devices Config file which is commonly known as Config.ini file

–          The code that you have to enter is – hw.camera=yes

–          On the next line enter another code which says – SD card.size=64M

That’s it you are done, but if you are not sure that whether you will be able to pull it off then you can opt for another option. It is described below –

–          Go to Android SDK and AVD Manager

–          Now go to Settings of SD card and mention the value in the Size box

–          In the Hardware section press New button

–          It will pop up a dialog box and select Camera support in the property box and then press OK

–          Now when you have added camera hardware it is turn to enable it so that you can use it

–          Therefore, you have to set Yes to camera support that appears under Hardware option and press Edit AVD to make the changes and save it

Now you are ready to use the camera of Android emulator and you won’t find any problem with that.