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If you are thinking that why you need to take a back of the account of the Google reader, then you must know that it is good to have a backup of all our important documents. When you have taken the backup of your Google Reader account it will be easier for you to import all these in your new app. It will be time consuming to re-subscribe each and every article instead importing is a far better solution. You can take backup for everything –


  • Subscription
  • Notes
  • Starred items
  • Liked items
  • Shared items
  • The Followers
  • The Followings

Now let’s start the backup process –

  • First, you have to sign in to your account and on the right hand corner you will find a round shape icon, click on it
  • A pop up will appear where you will find the option Reader Settings which is the second last option in the list, you have to click on that
  • It will take you to the settings window where you will find several tabs among which Import/Export,
  • Once you are on Import/Export you will find the link – Download your data through Takeout
  • When you will click on that link it will take you to Takeout window
  • If the system asks, then log in again with your credentials
  • Here you have to select Choose Services from the three tabs present on top by the side of Takeout and you will find Google Reader noted in the center of your screen and it will be in a box
  • Now go ahead and click on the Create Archive box at the bottom in red color and it will start taking the backup of your account in Google Reader
  • If you now go to the download screen you will find the status of your download. If your backup is small then it will finish even before you go to the page, but if it is larger then it will take some time
  • Once the download is complete it will say complete with green and you will know that it is done
  • Your backup will be stored in a zip file which you will be able to download in to your desktop anytime you want
  • After the backup is completed, you will find a small blue box below the status line which says download
  • Click on download box and it will start transferring all your files from Google Reader to your PC.
  • If you want, you can use the default settings for downloading in your browser and your zip file will be saved in the Download folders
  • If you are not using the default settings then your file night gets stored somewhere else

It might happen that you will be getting different prompts regarding the selection of location to save your file. It is advisable that you save your file in the drive directly so that it is easy to locate.