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Facebook,the fastest growing social network in the world is allowing its users to create number of groups in Facebook.Every one can create a group in Facebook from their Facebook account.

There are lot of groups that provides good information for you in the Facebook.Since there is no restriction on creating the groups and for adding friends to it,it makes a lot of head ache for normal users.Yeah,Similar to your account notification,the Facebook sends group notification too.

In one of my earlier post I wrote about How to Leave from Facebook Group.Today this post is for Facebook group admins.In this post I am going to explain How to get an email address for your Facebook group.

Facebook allows you to create your own email id for your Facebook group.When you post or when the users post in your group,The notifications are send from that group email id,Not from the Facebook’s default email.This will help you to reach the notification to the users,and also this email id helps users to post contents to your group,since most of the users mark the Facebook messages as Spam.

Getting Started with Facebook Group Email

Step 1:Login to your Facebook account.Make sure that you have admin privileges to the group to make an email.

Step 2:Refer the left side bar of your Facebook,there you can see a list of groups in which you are admin or joined.

Step 3:If the groups are not listed or your group is not found,Click on the More link.It will list all your groups.

Step 4:Click on the group for which you want a group mail.

Step 5:To make a group mail,make sure that you are admin of that group.

Step 6:On the right side bar click on the link Edit Group

Step 7:In the appeared page you can enter a name where you can get a email id in the form of your [email protected].

Once you are set up a group mail your users can send mail to content to that mail id to post in the group.

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