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I am going to share the trick to download Kaspersky antivirus for free with license key.Kaspersky is the best known antivirus in the world.It protects your system from malicious attacks and make your PC performance higher.

But the problem always reflecting with the Kaspersky antivirus is that it is costlier when comparing to some of other antiviruses.But we all will be happy if we get the Kaspersky antivirus for free with license key.Many occasions Kaspersky itself providing free licenses to customers for different purposes.Last year the Kaspersky provided free license of Kaspersky internet security through Facebook.

Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 with License Key

Most of the users like me claimed those offers and got 6 months of free Kaspersky antivirus license key.However the time of Kaspersky 2012 is over, now its the turn for Kaspersky antivirus 2013.

Today I am going to share the Kaspersky antivirus download with free license key.This license key is not valid for 1 year or two.It is a short term license and you will get full features of the Kaspersky antivirus for next 90 days.That is you will get free Kaspersky license for three months.

I know three months of license is not enough for you!, however while considering it as the free version it will be considerable as valuable one.We have to remember the famous saying “Something is better than nothing”.

So its time for you to protect your system from the latest know malwares.Some of the features of Kaspersky antivirus 2013 are listed below

  • Blocks spyware and adware
  • Scans email for virus attachments
  • Detects Phishing sites
  • Protects from keyloggers
  • Real time protection against all kind of malwares and viruses
  • ┬áScans websites for malicious activities

The one of the best feature with the Kaspersky Antivirus is that it is produced in such a manner that compatible with Windows 8. One of the well known problem with Kaspersky antivirus was it will slow down your system while running.Most of the users hate the Kaspersky antivirus due to the same reason.However the Kaspersky product team this time come up with the light version of the Kaspersky so that it shows improved performance and also speed up your system.

The remaining part of this article will show you how to download the Kaspersky antivirus 2013 with three months of license key.

I am going to share the download link for Kaspersky antivirus 2013 beta version.This beta version has built in key in it will give you 3 months of free license.

Use the below download link to get Kaspersky antivirus 2013 with license key.

Downlaod Link for Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 with license Key

After downloading the setup file you can doble click on it to start installation process.After installation process got completed you will be asked to enter the activation code.Since it is the beta version there is no such activation code.So you can got ahead by clicking Activate Trial Version and you will get 90 days of Kaspersky Antivirus License for Free.

Do you download Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 with License Key ?

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  1. kaspersky antivirus is awesome antivirus compared to all. i love it. getting antivirus for 90 days for free is a good deal. I agree with your point that something is better than nothing. thanks for sharing……..

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