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Paypal is the most secured and commonly used system for online transactions.And most of the online shops and other services accepts paypal as the payment medium.Paypal gives a lot of features for the users.There are two types of accounts are available personal and business.But the RBI has blocked and limited the most of features of paypal and also the users have to enter their credit card details to verify their paypal account.If do so only the users are able to use the all features of it.

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Verify paypal without having a Credit card

Most of the users are not able to make transactiona and buy stuffs online due to this limitation.So here is a simple trick to make your paypal verified without having credit card.You can use a virtual credit card to verify and buy things using paypal.Here is the simple tutorial on how to get your paypal verified without having a credit card.

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Creating a virtual credit card

The first step in the paypal verification is creating a virtual credit card.Follow the below steps for creating a virtual credit card.


  • Goto http://www.entropay.com/ and signup with it.
  • Fill all the details and goto funding details.
  • In funding detail,enter your debit card details and complete your sign up.
  • Now you can create a Entopay card by depositing $20 to your entropay account.This amount will be credit in your Entropay card
  • Once you did so ,it will show you all the details of card.Note it.

Now you are ready to cerify your paypal ,since you are having a credit card in your hand.

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Verifying Paypal AccountVerify your paypal account using debit card

  • Login in to paypal account and verify your credit card.
  • You can enter Entropay card details to credit card details field
  • You card will be charged $1.5 which is added to your paypal account within 2 days.
  • After 2 days come back to your entropay account and check recent transactions for getting the transaction number.
  • Use this number to to confirm your verification with paypal account.
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How you verified your paypal ? Is this worked for you ?

27 thoughts on “Verify Paypal Account Without Having a Credit Card”
  1. Hello,
    I have heard that paypal has blocked India for transaction.We can’t send big amount of money and also its blocked Indian users,Let me know is it true….?
    looking for reply.

    1. Its true that paypal made limitations on Indian users.Still you can transfer funds using paypa

      1. Hello,
        You are right but that fund must be under $500. I’ve tryed so many times but i failure.
        One more thing please tell me something about american express.Which one will be better for Indian users, As Indian users Indian government Banks doesn’t provides us Credit card.Please tell me is there any digital credit that can be use as a credit card.

        Hope to see you soon.


        1. Actually the limitation is not from the Paypal side and its made by Indian Govt. 🙁

          1. Oh!!! why I’m a Indian…. :(.
            Is there any other service like paypal and you didn’t ans me about virtual credit card.

          2. This limitation is not only in India ,and also followed some other countries.I am not aware about is the alternative services are working or not.. 🙁

  2. another way to get verified by paypal is to use netspend. When you sign up with netspend they will give you a routing number and a bank account without using the debit card.

  3. Does this method really work? Because I came through certain Virtual CC and all of them were fake!

    1. it was working when I was posting this.I don’t know the status of it at present.
      However you can verify your PayPal account using debit card.its very simple since most of the bank providing visa card as debit card.

  4. Since I dont have a creadit card I faced a lot of problems in verifying my paypal account and remove the limitation..I am goin to try this method 🙂

  5. Sorry yaar this website is not working in Pakistan. Please share another alternative to verify Paypal account.

  6. Hello

    Truly I need it.. Is this system really working now?? Please reply to this comment, being a student I don’t have a credit card, and I need paypal account in any case…

    Can you tell me ???

    1. If you have a bank account its enough to verify paypal.But you can’t pay or buy products with it without having a credit card or an authorized visa card 🙂

      1. Yes, I do have bank account dude. But, I have only debit card, but Paypal is asking the credit card number and VCC. How to get it that I dont know?? Can you please elaborate the process?? I will be really thankful to you

        1. Instead of credit card you can use debit card.Just select the visa card option and enter the card number and VCC.Let me know your bank name and which debit card you are using?

  7. There will be no VCC option in debit card right? And I have bank account in SBH (State Bank of Hyderabad) and it’s a maestro debit card (state bank cash plus).

    Waiting for your reply with million eyes

    1. If your card is Visa powered , there will have VCC and you can use it to verify your paypal.Get canara bank ATM , they are providing Visa card and accepts paypal

  8. Thank you so much Abdu. I really loved your response and concern for your readers 🙂

    I should inherit them from you. I will apply for canara bank as you said. I will get back to you soon (may be in other blog post comments too) 🙂

  9. I am not able to get my SBI visa debit card accepted by Entropay. They said that ‘Transaction deniend by the bank’. Do I need to change my visa card to maestro one for that ?

  10. Do you feel like it would be a good idea to buy a PayPal vcc from Auction Essistance if I cannot get my own card?

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