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SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy to rank your pages well in Search Engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo etc. If you don’t do proper Basic SEO to your blog then it will remain as a content farm without any readers.

Basic SEO

Basic SEO Tips before Starting a New Blog:

Choose the topic of your Website

You must have a topic for the website before starting. You can start a new website on topics like health, tourism, news, gadgets, movies, quotes, gossips, automobiles, etc. But you must know one thing that there are lakhs of website already made on these topics. But don’t worry this book will help your website rank higher than all such other websites. If you can find a new unique topic then it will be really good. You must have some knowledge on the topic you choose because you have to write the content yourself in the starting. You can also have a content writer who can write contents for you if you have more budgets. But the best thing is to write articles yourself because it will help in growing your knowledge also.

Choose the SEO Friendly Domain Name

After selecting the topic of the website now it’s time to choose a domain name for your website. Domain name is the name of your website which is typed in the address bar of the browser and which is unique for each website, like www.moretricks.com, www.facebook.com, www.google.com . In the previous examples moretricks, facebook, google are the domain names. Now you must choose your domain name related to your topic. For example, if you choose travel as your website’s topic then you can choose domain names like traveltips, latesttraveltips, travelaroundworld, etc. The domain name choose by you should be available also over the internet because no two website can have same domain name.

Keyword Research

Before writing the content on your website you must do a research for keywords. Suppose you are writing on Taj Mahal in India then the keywords can be taj mahal pics, taj mahal info, history of taj mahal, taj mahal stone, taj mahal video, travel to taj mahal, etc. Once you got these keywords then you must include them maximum 4-8 times in your article. This will help your content ranked higher than others on SERP. But the density of these keywords should not have a negative impact on the quality of the content.

Choose Proper and Attractive Titles of Articles

The title of article you have written should be attractive, shorter than 60 alphabets, includes your domain name keywords, and should be related to the topic of your website. Title should be catchy and attractive also. It is not necessary to follow all the rules but the more you have in your title the more it gets optimized for search engines.

Good SEO Friendly Contents

Content is the most important thing that you need to concentrate in order to make SEO friendly website. Good SEO friendly content will help your website to be found on the web.
Use Google Webmaster and Google Analytics 

Google Webmaster and Google Analytics are the two free tools of google which can be used to make a google friendly website. You can optimize your website for Google’s search engine using these two tools.


So, SEO is an algorithm to make your website page or article stand on higher rank on search engine result page (SERP) and get more traffic which can be then easily converted into money using internet marketing.

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  1. Nice tips from Imran. I will try to follow your tips because without having proper search engine traffic your blog will be nothing.

    1. These basic seo tips is a must for every new blogger. Blogging is a dead grave without visitors. and Free visitors are those who come from search engine . and search engine loves those blog which are seo optimized . Hence you can see that you must follow basic seo tips as a starter

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