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Did you noticed that in this blog I made two menu items as “Client Login” and “Become an Author“.This two menus are for the peoples who are all my Guest bloggers and who is wish to write in my blog.

Did you visited the page “Write for Us”?If not I would to say that it is telling about guest blogging and how can you become a Guest blogger.

Some of the peoples are visited that page and asked me “Why I should become Guest blog” .It was an amazing question with number of answers.!!!

I would like to dedicate this post to peoples who are all having such questions regarding guest blogging.

It is very important to increase your blog post readers to increase the number of returning peoples to your blog.When you write contents for others blogs as a guest,You are getting a chance to share your ideas to a large number of audience,I mean you are sharing that content to the another one blog readers,it may not possible when you post in your blog with a small number of readers.

If you are post a good article in a blog then that blog readers will impress on you and will have a look to your blog.They will also subscribe with your blog posts.When they subscribes ,you will get him as a permanent reader of your blog and when you post in your blog he will come to your blog and read your contents.

Getting visitors to your blog or website is not a big task.But getting readers to your blog is a bigger part.If anyone come from other blog is 99% better visit than others.

Till now I was talking about the quality traffic.It is very difficult and have to write a lot if I explain in this manner.So I would like to list and short notes on advantages of Guest blogging.

Get Quality Traffic

It is a truth that the normal visitors from social media and search engine will skip from blog very easily and anyone who is interested with your posts will stay more time and refer more posts.There by low Bounce rate and high page view.

Search Engine Optimization

If you write on the blogs which are crawled by Google and other search engines,when the Google again crawling that site it will consider your link and crawl it.

Improve Your Writing Skill

When I say about improving writing skill,You may think that I am good in writing.Even if you are good at English,What you are saying is not understandable by others.You can get a lot of feed backs about your writing,it can use to improve your writing skill.

Increase Number of Subscribers

As I already said,the chance to subscribe your blog is very high who are coming from other blogs.Since they are very much interested in your content than the reading blog.

Increase Social Media Followers

Every blog have their own account on social networks and when post on that blog it will automatically post to the social network.
When considering my Facebook fan page you can see that it is nearer to 4000.It is a great value and when I post in my blog it will reach on 4000 Facebook users and other social medias.It will help you to increase your social media profile.

There are lot of benefits on Guest blogging.You can feel it if you are a guest blogger.

Would you like to become a guest blogger on my blog? just follow the link http://moretricks.com/write-for-us