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Want to get some more blog visitors and backlinks? How do you get more readers and visitors to your blog?One of the solution for this question is to submit your blog to your blog directories.

Submitting to number of blog directories is a meaning less or waste of time.So what to do ? You have to find some quality blog directories where you can expose your work for better feedback.You will get better user response and high quality backlinks if you submit blog to high ranking directories.There are number of automated tools also available to submit your blog to directories.But I will suggest you to do manual submission to blog directories.

I think your are all submitted your blog to Google, yahoo and Bing.Here I am going to list some directories where you can submit your blog for higher visibility of your blog.

In the following blog directories some directories need you to register before you adding your blog.Some of the blogs will ask you about the feed URL.If you are a WordPress user then your feed URL would be similar to http://yoururl.com/feed .If you are blogger user then your feed URL will be similar to http://yoururl.com/feeds/posts/default.You can confirm the feed URL by entering it into your address bar and hit enter.
Note that don’t forget to replace yoururl.com with your desired URL.

Now get ready to submit your sites…


  1. Technorati
  2. Fuel My Blog
  3. Blog Top List
  4. My Blogging Area
  5. Top Blog Area
  6. Blog Roll
  7. Top Blogging
  8. Top Blog Lists
  9. World Top Blogs
  10. Blog Lites
  11. Blog Catelog
  12. My Blog Directory
  13. Bloggeries
  14. Blog Hop
  15. Blog Point


The above list is with the Top 15 blog directories.There have hundreds of other blog directories.Listing everything here in this post is not possible.You can submit your blog to those directories too.

I wish this article will help you to submit your blog to blog directories for a higher search results.

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