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Most of us will comment on other sites or blogs having high traffic.Some of them will leave as questions,some as replays and some others as suggestions.
If this is the case there is a number of comments below a single post.If you leave a normal comment below of any post it may not visible to others.It is a very important thing to get some link backs through commenting.So what are things you have to consider before commenting? Here is some tips for commenting in blogs to make some hits to your site.

Make Comments Attractive or Format your Comments

Its very simple to make your comments attractive since, most of the comment systems allow to use HTML tags.Why can’t you utilize this facility?You should utilize this facility to make your comments viewable to others.How its possible?

By using the HTML availability you can make your comments Bold,Italic,underlined and also you can make a list to list your contents.You can use other tags too to make your comments attractive.As a owner of blog or website you are aware about such things 🙂

Make your Comment first in Comment List

This is a simple trick to make your comment first in the list.It will be more useful if it stands first in the longer list of comments.

You can do it by replaying to the first comment.Most of the blog owners are setting the replay option for comments.

It will make your comment in first of the list.

Make Valuable Comments

It’s very important to make your comment valuable.If your comment is valuable and worthy the audience will have a look to your blog to know more.
The comments should not be like “very good blog ,I like it,awesome blog” etc. will make the readers dull.They will skip from there.
So make your comment some what long and it should be related to the topic.

Try To Make a Discussion

For making a discussion on blog you have to noticed about the comments in that blog.I mean you have to subscribe comment notification via email.

So if some one asking a question just replay to that comment.When commenting,you can put your content URL for more reference.
Make sure that you are given him a good answer for his question.Also make sure that what he is expecting  is available in the link you are posted there..

These are the some tips to post comments in blogs and websites that I can suggest you.As I said earlier if you have some other Tips you can share as comments.

4 thoughts on “Tips to Post Comments in Blog or Website”
  1. This has been a very significant website indeed. I’ve acquired a lot of helpful information from your article. Thank you for sharing such relevant topic with us.

    1. I am very happy to know that my posts are helped you more.Please go through other posts to gather more information..

      1. Abdu, you couldn’t tell that this was a classic example of a spam comment? Other than that, thanks for the tips on how to start a conversation and keep it going in the comments section. I never usually subscribe to the email because I don’t want to get a bunch of emails. But for posts I put a lot into, I will subscribe now.

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