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Yesterday when I was surfing through the internet world I noticed a  small change with the look of the Google ads.We All know that , Google was showing the label ” Ads By Google ” on the ads that are served by Google.But suddenly while I see the Google ads I noticed that it is showing AdChoices , what it means ? .I made a small research on this change and the details what I did with AdChoices are given below.Hope you like to read this post.

Actually first I am not shown this change in my website.When I was browsing through some other websites I noticed this change.At that time I click on that to view which adservising is that,it lead me to the Google AdSense page.I think that its an error from Google AdSense side.But when I gone through other sites I understood that it not an error from google and it is a change from Google AdSense.

After I found this change, suddenly checked the url www.adchoices.com .I didn’t get a result that what I expected.It lead me to an error page.Then I gone to the Godaddy.com to check the availability of the domain www.adchoices.com.When I checked that domain ,it was unavailable.oh! what the hell..Nothing is working..

I didn’t stoped there.I decided to find who is owning that domain,I checked that too and at last I got the result for my query and I found the owner of the www.adchoices.com.The details I found are,

DNS Admin
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View CA 94043
[email protected] +1.6502530000

Fax: +1.6506188571

Yeah from these information I declared that the domain www.adchoices.com is registered by Google and the domain www.adchoices.com will point to Google AdSense in future.This records indicate that Google will change their Google.com/adsense to a new domain www.adchoices.com.Hope the Google AdSense may going to move into the new URL very soon or else Google has some plans to implement some ideas over this URL.Let us wait and see what Google is going to do with this AdChoices.com

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