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Similar to most of users who start blogging at blogger and want to move to WordPress,I also migrated from blogger to WordPress.At the time of migrating I was confused and was trying to pull my all traffic to my new WordPress site.I googled migrating from blogger to WordPress without losing traffic and similar keywords.Since it was very important to me hold my visitors with my new blog.

When I googled the keywords like migrating from blogger to WordPress,I saw thousands of results for a single query.What I think is it is very is easy to migrate from blogger to WordPress as the results came.I gone through the result pages and I found that it is not that much simple.

I gone through different search results and I found that all tutorials written based on the concept which is written on the labanol blog.

According to labanol blog they are giving the video tutorial on how to move from blogger to WordPress.Naturally I followed that tutorial on how to migrate from blogger to WordPress without losing traffic or search engine traffic.I did what they explained there.But I failed there to launch my blog visitors to the exact page in which they are requested.As per labanol it is launching to the same page in the WordPress.I tried more than 5 times by thinking that I made mistake over there.Then what I wait for a day to see what is happening.I shocked when I see the result of that day.I was having 1000+ visits and 3500+ page views and it is reduced to less than 2000 page views.

I become mad and searched a lot about this problem.But the ways are complicated and I am failed there.

At last I gone through the WordPress plugins and found an amazing result that there is a plugin which will help you to migrate from blogger to WordPress without losing any traffic.I tested that plugin and become very successful and all my blogger visits turned to WordPress blog.

Here I would like to give the procedure on how to migrate from blogger to WordPress with out losing any traffic.To migrate from blogger to WordPress without losing your blogger traffic just follow the below steps.

  • Go to your admin panel in WordPress blog
  • Click on the plugins tab and click Add new on the top of the page
  • On the search box search as blogger to WordPress redirection.
  • You will get the result for your search ,install the plugin and activate it
  • Once you are activated go to Tools ->Blogger To WordPress Redirection
  • Click on the Start Configuration button
  • It will list your blogs and click on get code just directed to your blog which of traffic want to redirect.
  • Copy the code appeared there.
  • Now goto your blogger blog and goto Layout->edit html and take a back up of your template.
  • After making a backup click on the “Revert to Classic Blog” and paste the copied code there.
  • Now click on Save Template Changes.
  • You are Done!


You can check the redirection by visiting any of your old link and it will redirect you to the appropriate post in the WordPress blog.Hope you successfully moved your blogger blog to WordPress platform.

3 thoughts on “Migrate from Blogger to WordPress without Loosing the Traffic”
  1. quite uncomplete post. You will surely lose your SE JUICE if you are not doing permalink editing. But you didn’t mention here.

    1. Thank you for your valuable comment and notifying me about the incompleteness of this post.Let me find time to edit this post soon 🙂

  2. I too migrated from blogger to wp by without using a plugin.Using a plugin like this will make it a lot easier.Thanks.

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