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In my recent posts,I wrote about leaving from a facebook group and also I wrote How to get an Facebook group mail.

Today in this post I would like to post How to stop or disable Facebook group messages.Facebook group feature becomes a successful one and most of the peoples are discussing the important matters through Facebook groups.However Facebook groups be annoying for some one who are not interested to have the part of that group.There is no restriction on Facebook that who can add to the Facebook group.Since anyone have the privilege to add their friends to the Facebook group it will be a frustrating news for one who have a friend with Facebook group.Without accepting or permission of one , he/she becomes the group member and will start receiving updates to the mail account.If you are subscribed to Facebook feeds.Since the owner or other members can add the users into the group in bulk , most probably the group will thick with the number of users.Once the group becomes active by posting contents by users.The updating process will also start.The updates will make an overhead on your notification and in your email inbox very soon.So today I am going to show you the steps to stop notification from a Facebook group.You can also leave from the Facebook group to get rid of this bulk updates.

Just follow the below steps to Disable/Turn off the Facebook group notifications.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • On the left side bar find the group for which you want to stop messages.
  • If not found click on the more link
  • Once you found the group click on it.
  • When you enter into the group,Click on the Edit Settings which is available on the top of the page.
  • In the pop up appeared set your settings,there you can untick the box “Also send an email to” option to stop receiving notification
  • Once you are changed the settings click on the button Save Settings.
  • Done !

Now you are successfully disabled the notification from the Facebook group

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