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One fine morning you wake up to find that your Microsoft Office 2013 is not working at all. You cannot open Word, PowerPoint, Excel or any of the Office documents so now what do you do? If your MS Office installation has by any chance got corrupted then it is inevitable that you will have to uninstall it because there is no other way around. You can try fixing it in your own way like going to the Control Panel and following the process of uninstallation or by right clicking on it to try fixing the error manually but all has fallen flat on face. It just doesn’t seem to start working. When you are done with all the process that you have under your kitty, then you can try to remove Office 2013 by following this process and you surely will be able to uninstall the MS Office 2013 completely.


–          First log on to the webpage of My Account – Office.com

–          There you will find a blue link which says deactivate, click on it

–          A pop up message will appear where it will warn you about the process of uninstallation and how you are going to lose everything, press OK

–          You will now find a expand menu on the right hand top corner, click on it and you will get the option of signing out in the drop down menu

–          Once you have signed out of the My Account page, you can close the webpage

–          You will now have to go to start menu and in there you will find the Control Panel

–          When you are in the control panel you have to go to the program which says Uninstall a program

–          Windows have the option of administering account where you will have to select the Microsoft Office 2013 or 365 Premium Preview –en-us program

–          Select the option and click on the uninstall button

–          Uninstallation process will take few minutes so you have to be patient during the period

–          If you have come across MS Office Click – to – run program window, then just click on the Close program box and wait for the uninstalling to complete

–          When the installation process is complete, click on the Close button of the pop up window that appears after the completion of uninstallation

–          When you will find the box which says Done uninstalling then you will know that uninstallation is done

–          Now you have to save the personal files and then only restart the computer

–          You will now have to right click on Programs and Features and there in the drop down you will find the refresh option, click on it to reload Currently Installed Programs list

–          When you will get the User Account Control you have to click on Yes

–          Then you will get another box asking you whether you want to delete all items or not, select yes

–          Now again save and then reboot the Windows again

–          If you want you can install a registry cleaner for the purpose of searching registry editor and then removing registry entries which are leftover