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Now from Smartphones to smart-watches Samsung is trying to please its users with technology that will help them to make their life much easier. When it was launched it was criticized to death for not coming out with a sleek design, software not implemented properly and very few apps available, but it soon started to work on the smart watch to make it more acceptable to its users. Initially the battery also ran out very soon making it almost impossible for the users to make it use for long periods. Everything changed slowly and now you can easily change the clock or the watch – face utilizing some third party app or by the gear manager itself. When we are spending money on something then it should serve the purpose it is meant to and that is the reason now you can easily personalize your watch as per your choice. Not only watch face you can also make changes in the background color too, which is available 7 in numbers.

How-to-change-the-watch-face-on-Galaxy-GearYou can make the change in watch face on Galaxy gear through a third party app called the WatchStyler and here is how you can achieve it:

–          You will find Gear Manager on your phone, go ahead and open it

–          Go to Samsung apps and there you will have to select Clock

–          Watch Styler is present in there, click on it and then select install to download the WatchStyler app on your phone.

–          Now from the AppDrawer you will have to open WatchStyler

–          There click on the + symbol so that you can create a new watch face as per your choice

–          It is important to choose whether you want analog clock or a digital clock

–          Once you have made the selection give it a proper name and just make sure that you do not include any special character or even space in the name otherwise it won’t accept it

–          When you have completed the process of giving a name, click on OK

–          This is the time to choose the background that you would love to have with the help of icons and selecting a pre-existing one, you can also make use of the gallery where you will find something of your choice too or else you can take out the camera and click one for yourself and if all these options doesn’t excite you then go for simple colors

–          Now click on Next

–          It’s time to select the time type and the location where it would look good on the face and then select the color which comes just after the image

–          Click on Next

–          Add date, battery indicator, world clock, Bluetooth icon and whatever you feel like just the way you have set the time and then click on Save and OK.

–          Now go back to Gear Manager to set the watch face and select clock

–          Then, Select WatchStyler and go to settings

–          From there choose the watch faces that you have saved just now

If you follow this process you will easily be able to change the watch face of Galaxy Gear.