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Google wallet is very useful as it helps you store all the credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards that you have and also redeem the sales promotion that it provides on your mobile device only. The payment procedure is made fast and secure through this and though there were users of Samsung Galaxy Nexus who have been taking advantage of Google Wallet from much before still the procedure that they went through to get the access was complicated. The common users were not able to make use of it, but now a new process has come up making life easier for the users to get Google Wallet.

How-to-add-Google-Wallet-to-the-Samsung-Galaxy-NexusHere is how they can add the Google Wallet to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

Before you start the process download the apk file and install it through file manager, root your device and load custom ROM on the device of Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The Google Wallet zip file needs to be downloaded and then save it on your PC

Connect your phone to the computer so that the internal storage files can be transferred

Now the .zip file needs to be copied to an SD card or internal storage and not to any folder

Switch off your phone and while turning it on press the three buttons of Volume up and down and the power button. Leave the power button once it starts vibrating, but keep your fingers on the volume buttons and once the recovery mode appears to leave the volume button as well.

Now select backup so that proper backup can be taken of current ROM

After backup, wipe out the data

From SD card you have to choose, install zip

Now choose zip

Go ahead and make use of the .zip file that was downloaded earlier and wait for that to flash

Once you are done with the process, reboot your system

When the booting process is done you need to switch off the phone once again and turn it on by the same process of holding the power button and the Volume Up and down button. When the phone starts vibrating you have to leave the power button while holding on to the volume buttons till the recovery mode appears

You will now have to go to Advanced and there you have to select fix permissions

Once you are done with the process, you will have to select the option of Reboot System now

You will be all set when your system reboots to Android.

If you follow this procedure then you will easily add the Google Wallet in your Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Before you start with the process, you need to make sure that you allow apps to be installed from unknown sources. For allowing you have to follow this simple process. Go to settings app and then click on security, now you will have to scroll down to the bottom and make sure that you click on the box just beside the option of Unknown sources.