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How many of us has really had an idea about what the functions of Google drive? Most of us take it as a storage ground where we can save the documents or the spreadsheets that we have been working on. But the fact is that it can perform much better and also more useful jobs than this basic storing one. In recent times it has been flooded with updates to make the user experience even better. It is taking it upon itself to race ahead of every competition in the field of storing, accessing and managing the contents of every kind. In order to help you it initially gives you as much as 15 GB of storage for free and then if you pay $1.99 each month then you will be getting a package of 100 GB. Even add-ons are helping in enhancing the experience thus increasing the productivity manifold.

5-Uses-Of-Google-Drive-You-Don't-Have-Any-IdeaThere are various things that Google Drive can do, but here we are providing you with 5 things to start off –

  1. Provides preview of files – With the help of Google drive you can actually view the formats of those files too, which doesn’t have the original program on your PC. The ZIP or the RAR or the PDF format is supported by Google drive and apart from these CSS, JS and HTML are also supported. You will be able to upload any file below the size of 25 MB. If you want to operate something in Photoshop, then also Google drive would be helpful as it supports the PSD format that is usually related to Photoshop.
  2. Get a PDF format of web page – You can save the web page as is in PDF format with images and also the links if any in the Google Drive. First install the required extension, load the page you want in the browser and click the icon in the address bar to show extensions. Now select Send to Google drive and then click Add to drive.
  3. Enhance performance of Google Drive – When you are working on Google drive, then you must be in need to edit or add some photos to your documents and for that it will be better if you had something on Google Drive only. In order to meet your requirement you can download some photo editing app to help you edit the photos before adding them.
  4. Limitless research possibility – While working on a presentation there is always a need to refer to something and for that you have to do your research well. In order to do help you in research Google drive has a tool for you that you can access by going to Tools and then selecting research. You can also right click on the word and from the drop down select research.
  5. Collating data – Apart from helping you in research Google drive also has the option of collating data through surveys and creating invitation. It will provide you a form tool with the help of which you can create your own survey questions and it will collect all data to provide you with the ultimate result.