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We all love Instagram and it made our life easier when it was launched for Android users as well. Clicking and uploading pictures in there became so much more fun work to do. Instagram helped us to organize our pictures and put it in a way which always helped us to select the picture that we really wanted in a jiffy without wasting time in hunting it down. With Facebook buying Instagram we can only wait for some new features to be rolled out where we will be able to save the pictures easily to our desktop. Now we have to save the pictures one after the other and it cannot be done in a group, but with three apps the saving of images on desktop offline has become easier.  Everybody has their own reasons for saving pictures on their laptop or PC, but the one reason many users are trying to get this done is because new policy has been rolled out according to which anybody can use the pictures that are there in Instagram and sell them off to anybody they want just like that. Pictures are personal so people are finding ways to protect them.

How-to-save-Instagram-photos-to-a-Laptop-or-PCApps for saving Instagram photos to a Laptop or PC

After going through the net to find out ways to save the photos that you have uploaded in Instagram on your laptop three apps have been found that are really useful –

–          Instaport

–          Copygram

–          InstaBackup

In order to use these apps you have to register your name first and it is said that these apps will not store any of your information to use in future. Though these sites are tried and tested, but when you are using it for your personal use then it is better to check it yourself and when you are fully satisfied then only use it.


Instaport is easy to use so it is becoming most popular app in order to save Instagram photos to laptop or PC. You will have to register your name in here and for that you can use the Facebook credentials. Once you are registered now choose the way you want to export your photos to the laptop. At this stage Instaport only offers you collating the photos in a zip file, but in the future, you can expect more features to be added which will include Flickr, RSS feed integration or the Facebook as well.


You can use this app in two ways, either you register with this site or you can connect Instagram directly with this app. It not only helps you to save images on the laptop, but also comes loaded with features. Here you will be able to see your friends, interact through web with Instagram, know more details about the account, order prints and even take backups of your photos.


This app is for Mac users and in order to use this app they will have to download the app and install it first. This provides enough security to download your huge collection of photo and access it without the fear of losing it or causing any damage. You can use the Instagram password and ID to log in.