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You will find two types of Windows 8 users one who is highly impressed with the operating system and the other who is still confused with what is going on in Windows 8. A person who likes Windows 8 is mainly because of the fast speed and the stability that it offers. You can install apps real fast on your PC or laptop. If you are not aware of all the nook and corner of Windows 8 then you might get into trouble of getting on the wrong side and messing up everything badly. Here is the main reason why many users find it really hard to navigate through Windows 8.

How-to-sign-out-of-the-Xbox-games-app-in-Windows-8There is another hitch to this, if you are Windows 8 laptop or PC user then you will automatically log in as native Xbox Games app user too. But if you are wondering about the problem, then it is that the Windows account and Xbox account must be the same otherwise it won’t work smoothly. You won’t be able to sync between the two. The marriage between the Windows 8 and Xbox Games provides a great experience for the users. The separate account will run you into trouble and you will not experience Xbox gaming options as smoothly as before.

Signing out of the Xbox games app in Windows 8

In order to sign out the Xbox games app you have to follow these steps so that you do not face any problem in signing out.

–          From the start screen of Windows 8 you will have to open up the Xbox games app

–          Press Windows key and C key simultaneously

–          There you will find the Settings menu

–          Now select Accounts and look for the option of signing out

You must sign out using the sign out option only, but in case you do not have that option, then you will have to follow a different process altogether.

If you are trying to switch to different Microsoft account, the one which is associated with Xbox gamertag then you can sign in with the other Microsoft account. Here is how to follow the steps:

–          You have to select the Settings menu on the PC itself

–          In there you will find another option which says More Settings, click on that

–          Once you are in the More Settings option you will find Users there

–          Go through the Users option to find Other Users

–          When you will navigate in there you will find Account

–          If you want you can add another user too, for that you have to enter the email address and also the password for Microsoft account that you want to make use of

In case you are out of luck with this process too, then you can try the last option of signing out from the Xbox Games app by-

–          uninstalling the Xbox games app

–          Adding in the existing user account of Gamertag Xbox as the Windows account

–          Now re-install the Xbox games app from Windows store.

This is the last way to get yourself sign out of Xbox games app.