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There have been times when you updated to the latest version thinking that you will be able to enjoy more features and the experience will be better than before! But in reality it turns out to be completely the opposite so it is quite natural that you would love to go back to the previous version. Though experts keep on saying that keeping yourself updated is always a better option but not always as there is so stiff competition in the apps world that people are dishing out new version even before they have fixed the bugs properly. They take it out in the market and when they start getting complain that is the time they start repairing things. In some cases you might also lose out on the best feature of the Android apps when you go for the updated version. So not always the updated version turns out to be a good one instead you might lose out on many things. When you are in this situation, then going back to the previous version is the best solution and there are ways to revert back.

How-to-undo-updates-on-Android-appsUndoing things with patience

It is not that easy to go back to the previous version just the way you updated, it’s a bit complicated. You can take the help of backup software which will have copies saved for every version of the app automatically. There is no button for downgrading so either you can go back to factory settings or you can return to the original apps, but the only hitch with this one is that the other apps that have been working fine will also be removed and you will be left with no other option than installing the latest version again. You can do this if you are not using many apps and are ready to go through the process of downloading and installing apps all over again.

APK file helping in undoing app update in Android

APK file is used by Android for their apps, so another way of getting back to the previous version is that you need to locate the APK file for the app first. The files are stored with the end name of .apk file and that is the reason they are called APK files. This process also has some glitches added so while downloading the file you must be cautious about where you save it as the whole system might get corrupted and you will end up having nothing.

In order to search for the previous version of the app so that you can undo the update of the app you have to look for the version number along with app name and APK. So while searching, you will write the app name that you are looking for, then the version number and finally follow it by APK. If you have another Smartphone where you have the old version of the app till date, then extract the file from there and follow the below mentioned process –

–          Uninstall the latest version of app

–          Copy the extracted file of older in Download folder or any new folder

–          The File explorer app will locate the file on Android phone

–          Then tap on it to install

Just remember to check the box in the settings menu which will allow you to install apps from unknown sources.