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Smartphone is the world for us as we tend to browse in there, chat, make calls, check our mails, uses apps and also play games. So for carrying out all these activities efficiently, we will have to have a data usage plan which supports all our activities throughout the day! In order to do that, we end up over using the data plan and get charged extensively for the over usage. It is not just me and you, but maximum Smartphone users face the same problem and are tired of paying those extra money. But the data usage can be minimized if you work your way out smarter. There are ways to keep your usage within the limit and don’t get overburdened by the charges. You can follow the ideas that are mentioned here and at the end you will be all smiling and happy with your data plan.

How-to-minimize-data-on-AndroidStressed out with data usage

There are apps that eat up your data even when you are not using it. If you are thinking that you will just uninstall all these apps, then think again as these are your favorites like Facebook, WhatsApp and various others like these. So now you cannot uninstall as you are always connected with your friends through these apps. They are using up data because of the constant notifications and updates that they keep on doing so that they can provide you with current information. Therefore, at the end the data plan of your phone no matter how many GB or MB it is, turn out to be short enough for you.

Ways of cutting down data usage

–          You can go to Settings first, then select data usage and switch off the data usage. Though this will turn off the data connection absolutely still you will be able to use the apps through Wi-Fi network

–          If you want to set yourself a limit before you exceed the actual data then you will have to go to the settings again and then to Data usage and there you need to adjust the data limit and the date accordingly

–          When you are downloading any files  or updating any app, then you must do it through Wi-Fi only as this will save you the usage of your data

–          In order to get an idea about how much data you use, you can verify recent bills and the past bills. If you still don’t get it, then go for the estimators that are found online and it will do all the calculations to show you an approx. The result so that is managing the data becomes easier for you

–          Restricting background data will help you to cut down on data usage as well and for that you have to select the app, then scroll down at the bottom and check the box which says restricted background data. This way it will only use the data when the app is running.

–          You must try to use a browser that compresses data to the minimum, thus reducing the usage drastically while browsing.

–          Another way of reducing Android data usage is by using apps which are ad-free as this annoying ads also eats up your valuable data