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iPhone users hardly give away their Smartphone device for the Android because they feel it is a privilege to hold an iPhone and not everyone is lucky to hold it in their hand. But sometimes what happens is that even they can’t resist the ample number of apps and games that Android Smartphones provides. They leave behind their iPhone for the new and improved Android Smartphones but the problem is that the contacts are still there on your iPhone. So what do you do now? Manually transferring each and every thing is just not possible and why will you ever do that when you have so many options for transferring your contacts from iPhone to the Android device.

How-To-Get-Your-All-iCloud-Contacts-On-An-Android-DeviceIn the Android what happens is that you have Google backing up your contacts automatically so you are in safe hands this way and whenever you change the device you don’t find it difficult to move your contacts from one device to the other. In Apple also you will find iCloud taking care of your contacts so that the users don’t have any problem when they change their device. But what happens when you are shifting from Apple iPhone to the Android device! Does this mean that you no longer can transfer the contacts from iCloud to Android! You definitely can and that too very easily. You can take the help of various apps that are available in App Store of iOS and get your contacts transferred from iCloud to your Google account.

Transferring contacts from iCloud to Android

In order to carry out this process you will have to make use of a computer an also the web browser.

–          First, you need to go to iCloud.com where you have to log in with your Apple credentials

–          Now select the Contacts that has all your contact information stored

–          It is time to export the contact and for that you have to choose the first contact from your list and to copy the entire contact list press the shift key and click on the last contact

–          When entire list is copied, then look at the left bottom corner where you will find a round thing which you have to click

–          There you will see Export vCard, click on that

–          You will now see the save window coming up, there you will have to save your file

–          It is recommended that you save your file to the desktop because that way you won’t have to find where you saved your contacts

–          Now go directly to Google Contacts

–          Here you have to login with your Google credentials

–          Once you are in there go ahead and click on the More box

–          It will come up with a dropdown where you will find Import, click on it

–          You will witness a dialog box appearing which will inform you what it is about to do

–          There you will find the option Choose File, click on it

–          Here you have to choose the backup file that you have already saved and stored on the desktop, then choose open

–          Now click on the Import button and your contacts will be imported to the Google contacts.

You will be able to see the entire contact list in My Contacts of Google contacts. Now just sync your iPhone device and transfer the contacts in it.