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We all have to multitask these days so that we can manage to reach the deadlines on time without compromising on the fun quotient either. The new age smartphones make it even easier for users to handle two, three task all at once efficiently. If you have a deadline to meet, but is too stressed out and is not able to concentrate on your presentation, then leave it aside for some time and enjoy a game of Subway Surfers or Candy Crush Saga that you have already downloaded in your iPad. Once you are relaxed then you can get back to your work. If in the middle of doing something you remember that you need to send an important email then also you will be able to do that with the help of new iPad. It makes every movement of yours smooth and simple.

How-to-use-multitasking-gesture-navigation-shortcuts-on-the-new-iPadWith the movement of your fingers on the screen of the iPad you will be able to multitask quite smoothly. It doesn’t matter whether you want to toggle between game or email or working on something else. With the help of multi touch shortcuts you will be able to enjoy the smooth navigation between several apps. You can also disable them when you feel that you do not need to multitask at the moment. If you are a pro user of iPad then you can literally slide through one app to the other in jiffy without any hitches but if you are new to iPad then get used to the operation of iPad and then try to dig in this multitasking.

How you can make use of this multitasking gesture

In order to navigate through the home screen of iPad you can make use of the shortcut multitasking gesture. It is really very easy and once you go through it you will know how to get a hang of it. So start trying the options right away and enjoy multitasking on your iPad.

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  • If you want to open the Switcher of fast App then you will have to swipe upwards with your four fingers and if you want to close it down then swipe downwards with your four fingers
  • Depending on the order in which the apps are present in Fast App Switcher you can move from your current app to the app prior to it by swiping left with all four fingers of yours and similarly when you swipe right you will be able to go to the next app from the current app
  • Just like clicking the home button you have to pinch 5 times with 4 fingers of yours and you will be able to exit the app that you are in at present and return to the home screen

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Due to touch screen you have to make use of gesture instead of using the shortcuts of keyboards. If you have been using the keyboard of your computer then you would have use the shortcut key like alt+tab but as it is absent in here therefore gesture navigation helps you with toggling between two different apps.