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When users heard about the features that they can enjoy in iOS 7.1 they readily upgraded their device. Even the message, lock screen where you have to swipe in order to unlock has got a glossier look than before. In the new iOS 7.1 you can enjoy the weather forecast through the in-app icon now. The new iOS 7.1 has bid adieu to the neon green message icon, Face Time icon and Phone icons instead it has embraced the dark green color. Now even the call button and end button is round in shape and the keypad comes up against a dark background. It seems that everything has been remodeled to give a new and improved look to the new iOS 7.1. In this version it is taken care of that Shift key or the Caps lock are prominent enough to grab the attention of the users.

How-to-darken-colors-for-better-visibility-in-iOSThe steering wheel controls through the use of in  built app is the best way to answer important calls while driving. It has been made possible by connecting the iPhone to the infotainment system of the car. Apart from all these features there is another important feature that everybody is talking about is speed. Speed is something that everybody wants to enjoy. Though the users can now enjoy the immense speed, but there is a small twist in the story. It comes with tint colors which seem to be too bright and bit uncomfortable to read through. All this problem arises on the white background mainly therefore if you can darken the colors, then it will be more legible than ever.

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Here’s the solution for the tint colors to increase visibility

If you are finding it hard to read through it or if it is hurting your eyes when you are looking at it for long hours then here is what you can do –

  • You will have to go to the Settings App on iPad or iPhone, which has the iOS 7.1 version or higher than that
  • Now you need to select the General option under Settings
  • When you click on that it will come up with a drop down where you will find Accessibility, select that option
  • Under the Accessibility option you will have the Increase Contrast option, tap on that
  • This will take you to the screen where you can control the contrast through toggle switch
  • You have to make sure that you turn the option of Darken Colors On

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If you carry out this process, then you will see that it does make a difference in the brightness of the color and you will find it easier to read through. You can readily toggle the switch off anytime you want. The back button of accessibility that is placed in the corner top left in Settings navigation helps you in switching from dark blue to bright and again back. You can make use of this app in Calendar and Safari.