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iCloud offers 5 GB of storage for free, but within no time you will see the message that you do not have enough storage space when you start syncing photos or documents or videos and the storage gets even more used up when you are sharing devices more than one with iCloud Account. People who have been using iPhone for long have come across this message once a while and when you get this message, don’t worry much because there is an easy way out of this situation. You can follow some of the instructions mentioned below and you will get your free storage space back. Though some more space is made available, but that won’t come for free so if you don’t want to pay extra bucks then just go through the instructions and you can enjoy the free space again.


  • Photo Backup – In most cases images take up a lot of space so when you are trying to free some of the storage space the first thing that you will have to do is take care of the photos first. Always take backup of your photo and once you have done that, clear it out from iCloud so that it doesn’t sit there idle occupying the space that can be used for other purposes. If you have any videos in there, then do follow the same process with that too.
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  • Data and document deletion – Even some of the documents take up so much space that you are left with almost nothing. So it is better that you delete some of the documents by following the steps mentioned here –

–          Visit Settings, then from there go to iCloud

–          You will find Storage and backup in the iCloud and there you have to select Manage Store

–          Now choose app that is consuming more data under Document & Data

–          There you have to click on the Edit tab and there you have to choose the particular document that you want to get rid of and click on Delete all tabs

–          You can keep repeating the steps until you get yourself free storage space again

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  • Camera Roll turns off for making space – You can turn off the camera Roll in order to prevent the usage of iCloud. In order to do that you have to:

–          Tap on settings

–          Then go to iCloud

–          Select Storage and back up now

–          There select Manage storage

–          In here you will find “This iPad/iPhone”

–          You will find camera roll and a green button on the right

–          In order to turn off you will have to swipe it to the left

–          You will know the camera roll is no longer running when you will see it is not green anymore.

  • Photo Stream – In order to turn off the photo stream you will have to:

–          Click on settings

–          Then go down to Photos & Camera

–          You have to ensure that the button by the side of My Photo Stream is not green anymore as that will indicate it is turned off

By following these steps you will be able to get back your iCloud storage space back.