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When iOS comes up with various features it seems that though they are trying to make things easier for its users, but actually it ends up hurting the users instead. The same holds true for the signature feature of iOS 7.1. The transparent layer with normal distribution of blur filters underneath it is causing trouble for the users of iOS 7.1. Most users find it distracting and end up going in wrong places. The keyboard transparency makes it hard for its users to dial the number correctly and when you are trying to navigate through the menu, then also you will find it difficult to do so. It becomes all the more difficult for people who are visually impaired. They find it very confusing and it becomes really hard for them to use the options or make a call using the keyboard. All these would have been even more difficult if iOS 7.1 wouldn’t have made it possible to control the usage of inbuilt features. By going through simple steps you will be able to reduce transparency of keyboard, menus and more in iOS 7.1.


Steps to follow in order to reduce transparency

In order to get better visibility of all the menus and keyboards along with various other options you need to carry out few simple steps and you will be able to get rid of this transparency feature. In order to get back everything to normal self you have to make sure that go through the steps that are mentioned below –


  • If you want to make any adjustment then it is necessary that you go to the Settings app first on your iPad or iPhone with iOS 7.1 or even higher
  • In the Settings app you will get a drop down where the very first option that you get is General, you have to tap on that
  • Once you are in the General screen you will have to scroll down to the option Accessibility and tap on that to make that screen appear
  • There you will find different options to control the text, shapes and colors. From there you have to select Increase Contrast which will lead you to another screen
  • Here you will find Reduce transparency that is the first option on that page
  • Now you have to make sure that you turn the option ON in order to reduce transparency.


Once the transparency is reduced you will not find any difficulty in dialing the number on the keypad or using the menu options and many others in iOS 7.1. People who are visually impaired can now make use of the device quite easily when the transparency is reduced. Even for regular users transparent keyboard and menu possesses loads of problem in using it freely so it is better that you bid adieu to the ‘depth’ feature of iOS 7.1. If users find it interesting to use this feature then they can easily make use of this option.