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People are aware of what Google Play can do so the Android users from all across the globe are trying to access it. But some services are strictly for the USA residents only and cannot be accessed from every country in the world automatically. Though you can enjoy Google Play services in general from all parts of the world, but as they say enough is not enough sometimes. We want everything and in the quest to achieve that it has been noticed that Google is not allowing its users to access some of the services. But we all know by now in the Android world where there is a will there is a way and a member of the XDA forum has proved it right. So, he has come out with a way with the help of which you can access those restricted services from anywhere in the world.

Access-To-Google-Play-US-Store-From-Outside-The-US-[How-To]The Requirements for getting the access

It is very important that you root the Smartphone device first in order to carry out the process easily. Google Play Store must also be downloaded beforehand so that you don’t have to stop the process in between and download it. After downloading the Google Play Store you will have to download two more Apps and they are the Market Enabler App and DroidVPN app. Install all the apps after downloading them. These are the basic requirements that you have to keep in handy before you start the process of acquiring access to the restricted services.

Getting started with the process

In USA Android users are able to access all the services provided by the Google Play Store starting from movies, music, books and apps. But in most places you won’t get full access to all the services. Like in Australia apart from apps you can only access books, whereas in Japan you get the movies along with apps but other services are missing. Therefore, it becomes very important that if you want to get full access then you follow these steps:

–          You will get DroidVPN in your phone menu which you need to open

–          Registering for an account is important from the app itself and in order to register as usual, you have to select a username and password for the account

–          Exit from the app once you are done with the registration part

–          Now go to Menu and there you have to select Settings

–          You will get applications under Settings menu where you have to select Manage applications

–          Now I manage the applications you select a Google Play Store

–          Then press the clear data button or clear cache button on the following pages

–          Visit the phone menu and there you need to press the icon and open up the Market Enabler app

–          You will be made available number of network providers, from there you can select any one of the US providers like T-Mobile or AT&T

–          Once you have chosen the mobile service provider you now have to select fake this provider now option

–          Again open the DroidVPN app and use the credentials to login

–          Press start with the app in order to start using the VPN account

–          Now open the Google Play Store on your device to access all the restricted services.

With the help of this you can access the entire services that are available in the Google Play Store without any restriction.