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HTC One has incorporated various features that would make the users of the Android very happy with the device but the problem is that there are some features which can be used only if you are aware of the tricks to make the most out of it.

10-HTC-One-Tips-and-TricksHere are 10 tips and tricks that will make your experience a better one –

HTC One doubled up as a TV remote – Most of us have the habit of keeping the remote in one place and then completely forgetting about it. But with HTC One device we will no longer require a remote to operate the TV because it comes with inbuilt TV app which will help you to operate TV with the device. Therefore, you do not need to look for any third party app in Google Play Store too.

Multitasking made easy – Today we all are looking for things which can help us manage more than one work at the same time, but sometimes it is not that easy to do in a Smartphone but HTC One has made sure that for busy professional who are always on the go multitasking is made easy. You just need to double-click on the Home button and it will open up several apps’ windows so from there you can choose which one to close and which one to keep. If you want to close any app, then simply swipe that particular window away and you are done.

Customizing Blink Feed – Blink Feed in HTC comes presubscribed to a huge number of contents. If you want all of them, then you can keep them else pull down the stream and tap on the three dots that is placed on the right side. It will show you all the contents and from there you can select which one you want including the social networking sites.

Increase battery life – This is one thing that we all look forward to and find out different ways to prolong the life of the battery. In HTC One you can do that by turning on the power saver mode and for that you have to slide open the notification panel, then select the power saver, finally you will have to select the features for which you want to turn your powers saver mode on.

Speeding up the phone – You cannot complain about slow sped with HTC phones, but what if you can increase the speed even more and preserve the battery loss too. In order to make this happen, you will have to visit Settings, then Developer’s option, finally go to the Advanced and there you need to turn off the animations. This will do the trick and you will have speed going up even more.

Handy shortcuts – If you are one of those users who has restricted access to the apps, then double click on the home button will open the apps that you have been using lately, so this means that you won’t have to look for the apps always and if you want to get to the top of the page then just click on the notification bar and you are done. Even Google Now can be easily accessed by holding on to the home key for long.

Reboot HTC One – In order to reboot correctly, you have to go to Settings, then select Power and there you will have to uncheck the box beside Fast Boot. This will help your device to reboot properly.

Tracking data usage – In order to help yourself from getting huge bill you can easily track the data usage by going to Settings then Wireless and Networks where select more and then Usage and you will get the warning bar displaying the usage.

Taking a screenshot – Press the Power button and Home button simultaneously for 2 seconds and you are done.

Usage and customization of lock screen – You can tap on the app directly and swipe to directly launch the app from the lock screen and in order to unlock the screen you can swipe anywhere on the screen.