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People never thought of giving away their iPhone till the time they saw what the Android device has to offer. All the apps and games that android are providing will be luring you and that is the reason many iPhone users have given away their possession for Android phones. But once you are done with iPhone what do you do with your iTunes, do you throw them away too? No ways! Over the years you have arranged the whole file of your favorite music therefore how you can just throw them all away. There is a way you can now get it to your Android device. This way you will be enjoying the best of both the world.

How-to-transfer-the-complete-iTunes-music-list-on-your-Android-DeviceDoing it manually

There are several ways of getting your iTunes to your Android device and the easiest one will be doing it manually. So what you do here is copy the files of iTunes music in a temporary folder and save it on your desktop. Now connect your Android device to the PC with the help of the USB cable that is provided and after that open the folder where all your music is stored. Then transfer the music to your device from your computer and you are done. You will now be able to enjoy all your favorite iTunes on your Android device only while you are using some interesting app on your android.

Google Play Music

You can also take the help of Google Play music for transferring the iTunes from iOS to Android. Just follow the step and by the end you will get your iTunes transferred –

–          First of all you need to download the Google Play Store and install it on an Android device

–          You also have to download Google Play Music Manager on your PC or the Mac

–          From your desktop, you will have access to Music Manager where you will have to choose the upload tab

–          From the iTunes library, you can make your selection about which songs you want on your Android device. This way you will be able to sync the iTunes to Google Play Music.

–          Now go to a Google Play Music app on Android devices and there you have to choose the All Music from the dropdown and then if you want the full file then select My Library else go by the playlists

–          In the side panel of the menu you will find the music that has been currently uploaded in your Google Play Music library

–          If you have an unlimited data plan then you can stream online, but if you want to listen to music while you are not hooked on to the internet then you will have to follow an extra step for that

–          You have to sync music to the device so that you can always enjoy the music even when you are offline. Select a song or a playlist or an album or maybe a particular artiste and then press ‘Keep on device’ button that is there and you will have the songs for offline too.