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We are bored of 2D effects now so the next thing is to move up towards 3D and as usual Smartphones have come up with some amazing 3D effects. The home screen will never be the same again after we try out the new parallax effect that Apple has introduced with iOS 7. Tilting your screen to get the 3D effect to the wallpaper will take your Smartphone experience to another level altogether. It feels like the system has been boosted up with life and energy and it is dancing to your tunes. Android users have been using it for a while though through third party apps still the popularity or you can say the hype about the parallax effect caught fire with iOS 7. It is simple to install and for that no fancy thing is required when you have the right tools with you.

How-to-Achieve-the-iOS-7--Parallax-effect-on-your-Android-SmartphoneParallax effect in iOS 7

The parallax effect makes the home screen of your Smartphone appear in 3D format. Even the wallpapers and icons have that look at it. If you tilt your phone, then everything will move and the icons start appearing to be real which can be picked up from the screen and shift to somewhere else. There are a wide variety of wallpapers in Google Play Store for all the Android users and the tablet users and most importantly, they have been using this feature for almost 2 years now. If you are using the picture of your little child, then it gives a whole new dimension to it making it visually impressive.

Getting parallax effect right on Android Smartphone

If you are looking for something that will give you the same parallax effect, then you can go to the 3D Live Image Wallpaper. You will get this easily on your Google Play Store and has been developed by Optotech. Now follow the steps carefully and get it right here in your Smartphone:

–          You will have to purchase this app for $1.60 and then download it on the device

–          Once the download is complete, you go ahead and install it

–          Now press the home screen for long and select the Wallpapers

–          In the Wallpapers section you have to choose Live Wallpapers and then going further select the Live Image Wallpaper

–          Now, as per your preference, you can simply adjust the tilt amount or pitch or the rotation

You can now enjoy the parallax effect with this 3D live Image Wallpaper on your Android.

Several other options

Apart from 3D Live Image Wallpaper you can enjoy the same effects with various other options that you will get in the Google Play store and they are GyroSpace 3D which has a paid version and is also available free with limited features. 3D perspective Wallpaper and 3D Parallax Background are also present, which will give you the same effect that you are looking for in your Android Smartphone. You can go through the Google Play Store yourself and select the one that you like and set it up as your wallpaper.