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Smartphones are used by all kinds of people, including those who are not able to view properly or have an hour of time in listening. Sometimes what happens is that they are trying to use one app, but as they are not able to touch it properly various apps keep popping up making it really difficult for them to get through what they actually want. With guided access they will be able to use only the thing that they are suppose to use and all other things will be blocked out giving them easy access.

How-to-enable-guided-access-on-iOSGuided Access useful for everybody

It is not just with special people, but this holds true for everybody. Due to touch screen devices most of us face the same problem when we are trying to move from one place to another and if the fingers are not thin enough then you will be pressing one and something else will pop up. If you have a kid who is always after your iPhone, you can help yourself by taking the help of guided access and blocking everything else and keeping one screen active. Now even if your kid is messing around with your phone you know that he won’t mess with your important information anymore. Along with people who have mobility disability guided access provides help to many others by locking out the screen portions that will not be in use. With the help of this you can restrict yourself to using a single app at a time.

This one is a temporary option where you can disable the space that is not relevant to the task you are performing by disabling the hardware buttons. Sometimes when you are carrying out an important task and your finger accidentally touches some button and it opens up, then it will be really annoying, so in order to get rid of that you can use guided access.

Steps to follow for starting the guided access session

Now to start the guided access session you will have to follow the below mentioned steps:

–          Open the Settings app

–          Go to General and then Accessibility

–          In there you will find Guided access, turn it on

–          Now click on Set Passcode

–          It will allow you to create a passcode of yours and confirm it

You have now activated the guided access so now if you want to use it, then you will have to follow a few more steps.

–          You have now launched the app that you want to use at present

–          Now triple click the home button to start the guided access session

–          If you are in to iBooks, then what you can do is circle the Library tab and it will automatically restrict the access to the present book only

–          You will get options at the bottom and if you press that then it will turn off all sorts of touch and motion too

–          If you want to get out of the guided access then you will have to triple click on the home button and there it will ask you to provide the passcode once again

–          Type in the passcode and you are out of it