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Whenever a new version is launched users are too eager to use it and see what new it has to offer. But there are times that as soon as they upgrade they are ready to downgrade as well because of some reason or the other. The same thing has happened with the iOS 7 version also. Users jumped into the opportunity of upgrading but after a few days of using the new version they realized that they have made a huge mistake and that is the reason they try to get back to their old version. Sometimes it is possible, but most of the time users are stuck with something that they don’t like at all. Even when there are options of going back to the older version, but it is not necessary that your device will actually work the way it used to work before.

How-to-downgrade-from-iOS-7-to-iOS6-on-your-iPhoneThough Apple is boasting of bringing in several new features that will enhance your iPhone or iPod or iPad device experience, then it is also not able to capture the hearts of its users in a big way. This has been the main reason why users have been jumping between iOS 7 and iOS 6.

Downgrading procedure from iOS 7 to iOS 6

Before you start to downgrade, make sure you have the recent version of iTunes installed, otherwise it would be difficult for you to carry on with the steps that are explained below. Once you have installed latest iTunes version it is time to download the firmware of the device. You will get the option in the iTunes drop down box and there you have to select Download. Remember to download the specific model of your iPhone that is meant for your device else it will not work. Hopefully you have taken proper backup before upgrading to iOS 7!

–          Plug in your device to the computer with the help of USB and then turn your device off

–          Now you have to press two buttons at the same time and the buttons are the Power button and the home button. By doing so you will be able to turn your screen completely black within almost 10 seconds the Apple logo will disappear completely

–          Once the screen has turned completely black leave the power button, but do hold on to the home button

–          This will make sure that iTunes brings up a message box saying that it has detected iPhone in recovery mode

–          Now on the left of your iTunes you will find the sidebar from where you have to select the iPhone of yours

–          Go ahead and press the shift key on the keyboard of your computer and then you have to select restore

–          It will come up with selector from where you have to select the already downloaded firmware file and then press OK

–          Now the device will restart and once it is done make sure you choose the backup you have taken when you are prompted to restore all your contacts and apps.