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There are apps on your Android, which you hardly use, but they clutter the screen of your smartphone. Due to these unwanted apps sometimes you take the time to get to the required apps. All the unwanted apps or you can call them Bloatware apps make your life miserable by sitting there idle on your Smartphone without any use. When you look at your Smartphones you must be thinking to yourself that how nice it would have been if you could just make this app disappear from your Smartphones.

How-To-Hide-The-Apps-On-AndroidPrayers have been answered!

Now Google Play Store has come to your rescue. If the apps are downloaded from Google Play store, then you can easily uninstall them and free your space. But if your apps are the pre-installed ones, then you cannot go to Google store and uninstall from there and for that you will require some other procedure.

In case of the apps downloaded from Google Play Store you can go back to the place from where you have installed the app and search for it then you will see the uninstall button in Google Play there you have to select it. Now your work is done and you will no more have to deal with those annoying apps all over the place.

Some other ways to hide apps

If you are not sure about the source of the download of the apps, then you can try out some other process to get those apps out of your device. Follow the below mentioned steps and you will be able to get your way through it.

  • Go to the menu and there you will find Settings option
  • There you have to select the Apps option
  • You will get three options here – downloaded, disabled and running all options. Do not mess with running all options otherwise your device will start acting weird
  • Select the downloaded options and choose those apps that you want to delete
  • Once you have selected the apps that you want to remove then click on clear cache and clear data
  • And now tap on the Uninstall button to clear the app from your device

Through this process, you will be able to clear everything related to that particular app and there will be nothing that will be lagging behind in your device any more.

Using apps from the Google Store to hide your apps

Google Play Store has the answer to your query as well. It has some great apps that will help you to hide all the unwanted apps and make sure you have a clean and clear homescreen. In order to get the app Go Launcher Ex on your Smartphone you have to go to the Play Store and scan the QR code to install the app. Once you have the app installed on your device you can use that app to hide all the unwanted apps very easily. All the apps that you want to hide will become invisible from your Menu.

Now you can hide your apps with the help of another app or by following simple steps, you can take your pick!