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XBMC which is an open source and free media player that has been becoming quite popular amongst the users though it is not present in the Google play Store yet. If it would have been made available in the Google Store then the installation would have been much easier, but as it is not present in there you have to install it by following different techniques. It used to allow the users to actually enjoy the videos and music through the gaming console of Microsoft but since then many changes has been incorporated enabling new functionality and that in turn has boosted the popularity too.

How-to-install-XBMC-on-your-AndroidRequirements for XBMC installation

If you are downloading the app from Google Play Store then it wouldn’t have required any special treatment, but as it is not present in there therefore the process has become a long one. So in order to get it installed on your device you will have to make sure that the Android device comes with a Neon or Tegra 3 processor. Another important thing that you will have to take care is that you have to enable the unknown sources first.

Getting down to the installation process

First download XBMC from the official website and then:

–          Open the Downloads folder on your Android phone

–          You have to select the APK file of XBMC and open it

–          A message will pop up asking you whether you whether you want to install the XBMC on Android and you have to confirm that

–          Wait for the installation to take place, once it is completely done, you have to select Open. It is the first time that you are going to open the application

–          When you are opening it for the first time it will run some updates on its own and for that period of time you need to be patient so that it completes updating itself

–          You have to now click on the power button that is present on the bottom left corner of the screen in order to exit the XBMC application

–          Now open XBMC again and go to the System menu and there you will find File Manager

–          Look at the left hand side of the screen you will find Add source, you have to select it

–          Just below the top field you will see a space which says browse for the media locations, you have to enter http://fusion.xbmchub.com and don’t forget to click on Done button that is placed just by the side of the keyboard that is there on your screen

–          In another place where it says enter a name for the media source you have to type infusion in there and then again tap on Done Button so that the process can be completed

–          Now press the OK button in order to save all the changes you made

–          Just go to the File Manager window once again to verify whether Fusion is listed in it or not and before returning to main menu

–          Go to the system menu and then Settings

–          Select add-ons option and press ok

–          Choose Install from the zip file and select fusion

–           Get into the folder of hubwizard-beta

–          Select plugin.video.hubwizard.zip and install it

–          Now go to programs, if option provided then Program add-ons

–          Select add-on list of Hub-wizard

–          Choose Android icon now amongst listed platforms

–          Now the add-on will be downloaded with proper Config

–          Click OK once it is complete

–          Click on the power button to exit XBMC and now you can enjoy the XBMC setup which is fully customized now.