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The tech companies have always been voted as some of the best companies to work for. Starting from the environment of the office to salary to employee job satisfaction and the infrastructure provided by the tech companies have always been the best. They are said to take good care of their employees and that is one of the reasons why professionals are always happy and content with their jobs. These are some of the reasons why the tech companies are filling up almost all the positions in the top 10 list.

tech-companies-you-should-work-forHere is the name of 6 bets tech companies that you would love to work for –

  1. Google – The top rank holder in the Fortune 100 top Employer’s list is Google. The reason behind its popularity is said to be its campus, then it allows the employees to encourage their co-workers and also for its philanthropy practices.
  2. NetApp Network Appliances – They have made their presence felt in the Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 on a regular basis. Until few days back it was popularly known as Network Appliance and it is popular among the employees because of the working environment they provide. They also help their employees do the community services by paying them 5 days paid off. The employees can go to some non-profit organization or choose the NetApp own services. If any employee is working as a technical help in some non-profit organization, then they get extended days off for which they are paid.
  3. Qualcomm – If you are innovative kind of a person then Qualcomm will serve you the best. The employees who file for a patent and gets approved can get a bonus check of almost $1500 and almost 1800 employees took the advantage of this opportunity. The wireless telecommunication company is situated in San Diego, CA where they have total employee of 18000
  4. Intuit – In the Fortune 100 ranks Intuit has improved its ranking a lot from previous years. Last year it was ranked 22 and this year it has jumped into the top 10 with 8th ranking. Employees can involve in fitness regime during their free time and are provided with a world class gym or swimming membership. Another great feature of this company is that they allow the new employees one month’s time to get adjusted to the new environment without engaging them in any work.
  5. SAS Institute Inc. – The ranking of this company has always been between the 2nd and the 3rd and it provides its employees with excellent health care system. You will find dieticians and the therapist too. They are the leading software company who works on customer relationship management amongst other works.
  6. Cisco – Cisco is said to provide a great salary and the perks provide by them are quite attractive too. They have always dominated the position in the market as the favorite place of work for the employees. In order to keep the health of the employees fit they have the best health care center in their office premise only and a state of the art gym to help the employees maintain their health.