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When Windows 8 and 8.1 came with a touch screen everybody was delighted, but only after some time did they realize that there are some difficulties with the touch screen. Touch screen works fine, but when you are trying to use it in desktop mode, then it starts giving you a hard time. The navigation is not so user friendly in that mode. Though, you can attach a separate mouse for the navigation when working in the desktop mode but that is not always feasible. You might be on a go and at that point of time attaching a separate mouse and then working will be a difficult and almost impossible thing to do.

TouchMousePointerWindows 8 and Windows 8.1 for touch and non touch screen both –

So, all your prayers have been answered and now you have a virtual touchpad to your rescue. The modern User Interface of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 were giving tough times with the navigation even though they were prepared for both the devices either its touch or a non touch one.  Many find it difficult to navigate through touch screen while minimizing or maximizing the window of any program as most of the time they end up tapping on close.

Getting help from on screen virtual mouse pad

For touch screen which faces problem in navigation here is the TouchMousePointer. This one will help you in better navigation and not only that you will be able to get the touch pad placed at the right hand corner of the screen. It comes complete with the left mouse button and right mouse button. This mouse pad performs the same as that of the desktop mouse or you can say that look wise it is similar to the mouse pad that you find on the laptop. The navigation is very smooth and quite responsive and it is beneficial for more than one monitor set up.

Location of the virtual track pad

When you will right click on the icon on the taskbar you will be able to access the settings. With the help of the settings you can actually lace the mouse pad anywhere you want. You can place it in the middle or right or left or bottom or you can place it on top of the screen wherever you feel it will be easy for you to navigate. When you are working with multiple screens, then you have the option of selecting which screen you want the mouse pad to work. Therefore, it is quite customizable as per your preference.

How to start using it or customize it

You will get a mouse like icon in the taskbar and by tapping on it you will get the track pad like user interface and there you will be able to see three types of cursor – soner, Track line and Fake arrow cursor. The cursor will point out your location on the screen and if you want to customize the settings then you can do that for single or double tap or even two finger navigation just by clicking on the buttons in the settings.

Now when you have your virtual track pad for Windows 8 and 8.1 in the form of TouchMousePointer then you won’t face any challenges while navigating and you will have a smooth operation with a touch screen mode or desktop mode.