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With the help of Windows Experience Index you could easily gauge how your personal computer is performing. It gives you a scorecard depending on which you can download games and software. Windows Experience Index will scan the hardware of your computer and then it will show the score of your processor, Memory (RAM), Graphics, Gaming Graphics and Primary Hard disks.

windows-8.1The processor is rated at calculations per second, Memory is rated at memory operations per second, and the graphics are rated on desktop graphics performance and so on. Then, depending on the lowest Subscore a base score is provided. The base score that you will be getting after scanning you have to remember that while purchasing any games or software as it has to equal the score or must be below that score in order to run that in your PC.

Missing from Windows 8.1

When you will right click on the icon of the computer it will give you another option of properties where you will be able to access Windows Experience Index in the Windows Vista, 7 and 8 but with the new introduction of Windows 8.1 you will find this one missing from Computer Properties.

Though this method was not fully correct still it would give you an idea about the applications which were much older and which of the component are running too slow as compared to others.

Steps involved in getting the Windows Experience Index in Windows 8.1

  • Microsoft hasn’t removed the feature totally so you can access it by logging into your account and by going to the folder – C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore
  • When you get the DataStore Box you will find the option Formal. Assessment (Initial). WinSAT  where you need to double click to open it up
  • Now you can see the score and the date on which the information was generated. You will be getting your hardware score.

You will be getting the hardware score in the form of different components like the processor, Memory, Gaming Graphics, Graphics and Primary Hard disk. It will help you to know which one is the slowest and if you need to take care of anything. The gaming option will tell you which kind of game your PC will support. In this way you can access the score of Windows Experience Index for Windows 8.1.

Using a tool to recover the Windows Experience Index for Windows 8.1

You can also take the help of a tool to get the rating and it is only possible because Microsoft hasn’t deleted this completely, it still runs in the background. Therefore, you can use the WEI tools to get the same result as that of WEI. It shows you exactly the same parameters that you were getting in the Windows Experience Index so it makes your life much easier. There was no particular reason for Windows 8.1 not to have the option in it, but with the tools available it doesn’t make much difference to people who want to have a look at the score of the components.