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What is Cloud Computing

The word “cloud computing” refers to the software and services run over the internet.That is you can use the cloud as your remote computer.You can work with the cloud using an internet connection and a browser installed system.

You can use the cloud for the same purpose of your personal computer.You can run all your softwares and services in the cloud instead of loading in your local system.You can access your cloud account from the place where internet connection is available.

Cloud will help you to access your computer from public places,colleges,offices,libraries,etc. where a system and internet connection is available.You can get into the cloud account with the use of computer or mobile.

Unlike the virtual hosting,in the cloud you pay for only the execution capacity and bandwidth you use.

When considering the large corporation,They need to get separate license for the softwares they are using in their number of computers.It will cost a lot and affect on the profit.Where the cloud computing helps them to run the software on the remote computer or cloud and all the staffs from the corporation can login to the cloud to access it.Very simple!

The local computers work load is limited,It is unable to handle the over load.But in the case of cloud number of systems or servers are connected and it will robust enough to handle the high work load by sharing.

To accessing the cloud the client side needs a system with a browser installed.The remaining all works are carried out in the cloud server.

If  you are a gmail user,you are using a type of cloud computing.In gmail we are login to the server and reading,storing,sharing the mails on server itself,instead of storing in our system.

There are a lot of cloud providers,The example for cloud providers are Windows Azure,Amazon Elastic host etc..They are providing free trial of cloud.

You can also use www.cloudo.com to get a free account with cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  1. Cost effective
  2. High availability
  3. Remote access
  4. Flexible
  5. Automatic updates
  6. More secure

I am not an experienced person with cloud,Here I tried to share the ideas I know with the cloud computing.If you know more,you are invited to share the knowledge.