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Here in this post I would like to tell you about controlling a remote computer using your Internet connection.This is a simple tip by the help of this you can control your friends or others computer with his permission.

This may be helpful for many cases.In my case one of my friend said about his problem and said to solve it.I asked him about his problem,but he was unable to give me the real problem definition.Without knowing the problem how can I suggest a solution for him.So I find out this new tool for the remote control of system.By the help of this software I fixed his problem.

The software that helped me to control the remote computer is Team viewer and it will work with the help of Internet connection.To use this software both the computers should have a

  • Team Viewer installed and
  • A Internet connection

If you are satisfied with the above two points,then you can access your friends system remotely.By the help of Team Viewer you can also transfer file from your computer disk to friends computer disk.

  • Then install it in your computer.
  • Open the installed Team viewer

  • Once it is opened you will see similar to the above screen shot
  • Now you have to tell your partner to do the same and get his user id and put it in the partner id field.
  • Select your connection option and hit Connect to partner button
  • It will ask you a password get your partner password and fill it .It will connect you to your partner.

You can off the Team viewer or change password by right clicking on the password box to avoid connecting your partner again.Once it is offed and its password will reset to new one.

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  1. abdu,team viewer is a fantastic software to share your desktop with other person.its commercial version is better than non commercial.

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