Web Analytics

When we browse Internet using the browsers,it will store our data’s such as the list of visited websites in past,passwords which are used to login to different sites,site preferences,search details etc. in the form of cache and cookies.This information can be cause your identity theft.It is very important to clear all these identities from browser before we leaving the browsing room.I am strictly warn you to remove all these stored data’s if you are a public system user.Because these information can be used to hack your passwords and other identities.It is not very important to clean your browsing history if you are using a personal computer.But if you are using internet on browsing center , you should remove or clean your PC for security reasons.It is very easy to clean all the data’s from the computer.For easy access you can press and hold the three keys in the keyboard Ctrl+Alt+Delete and will come up with a popup where you can select what are all the details to be removed.For advanced removal of browsing history and fix system problem.I suggest you to use below method

How to remove all these stored data’s from browser?

There are lot of methods that can clean your browsing history and other private data’s from your system.I already post about CCleaner which will help you to increase your system performance in a large extend.

For cleaning the browser data it is not indeed a software and it will be difficult to get in Cafes or other public browsing centers.

The easiest method is to clear the browsing data by pressing and holding the keys Ctrl+Shift+Delete.By doing this a pop up window will be appeared and it will ask you the time range and the details you want to clear.

Clear Browsing history
Clear Browsing history in FireFox,IE,Google Chrome,Flock,Opera,Safari etc.

You can select the options which you want to clean from your browsing data.Once you are selected the time period and the options you can just hit the Clear browsing data Button