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Google+ provides a lot facilities to make your posts attractive.Some of the offers are you can add video,photos,your locations,etc to your stream.But there is no option to play with your texts.I mean no option to add text properties to your stream.

But change in the font style will make more attractive than other.I am here with some tips to make your Google+ posts attractive by changing your font style.

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Changing font style in Google+

I did some testing with this options and it given me positive result.The following tips will help you to change font style in your Google+ posts.By the use of following tips you can make your font bold,italic and also you can strike your fonts.

Make font as Bold in Google+

To make your post fonts as bold,you have to add two stars one at the beginning and one at the end of the word.

For example *www.moretricks.com* will result www.moretricks.com in bold.

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Make your font as italic in Google+

Making the font style of the Google+ stream is very simple.You can done it by adding underscore on the starting and the end of the post.

For example _www.moretricks.com_ will result www.moretricks.com in italic


Strike out your font in Google+

Striking out a word increases the intention to read it .It will also makes your post more attractive.To strike out the words in your Google+ add hiphen at the both ends of your post.

For example -www.moretricks.com- will result www.moretricks.com striked out.

If you know more tips about Google+,you are invited to share it with my blog.

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