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Days ago Google opened their new social networking site Google+ to the users with some limitations.I made some posts about Google+ to make your Google+ use more smarter.You can check my previous posts on Google+ to make a better start with Google+.

You can check how to invite your friend to Google+,Changing the Notification settings and also you can receive notification via mobile phone.

Create a back up of Files using Google+

Google+ was launched by Google with lot of amazing features.Basically the Google+ looks like Facebook,but it includes a lot of extra features than Facebook.Since Google+ is in the hands of internet giants,we can expect more features on coming days.

It is the time to back up your data using Google+.By the use of Google+ backup wizard you can backup of your photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts and Buzz posts etc. to your computer in single click.The backup files are in the Form of Zip files except the profile data.

The various options available to back up your data are,

  1. Picasa album photos
  2. Profile data
  3. Stream data
  4. Buzz data
  5. circles and contacts.

Now let us see how to back up the above data using Google+.Follow the below steps very keenly will help you to back up the files to your system.


  • Log in to your Google+ account
  • Click on your name which is present on the right top corner
  • It will drop down a window with menu items.Click on Account settings menu
  • In the loaded window click on the Data liberation tab which present on the left side bar.
  • You can Complete the above all steps in one step by visiting Export data settings
  • Now click on the Download your Data button
  • Since the backup data involves your personal information,Google will ask you to verify your password even though you’re already signed in.(log out from account)
  • Once you log in you will reach on the Google takeout page .
  • There you can select the specific services or all services to make a backup.
  • When you ready to go click on Create Archive
  • It will go thorough a process of create your Zip file.
  • When completed the process a download button is available at the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the Download button will again take you out from your account and once you login to account will start downloading your backup files.

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