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Google+ is a new social network from Google,which is not yet ready in full version.Even though you can access the Google+ as a tester or a beta user.As new to this service,we all may miss some features from the Google+.My intention is to make you all to access the Google+ with all functionality available with it.If you are not yet read my previous posts you may have to read the posts such as what is Google+,How to invite your friends to Google+,disabling or changing email notification from Google+.

Integrate your mobile with Google+

In this posts we are going to see about how to get email notification from Google+ to your mobile phone.It is very simple to integrate your phone with Google+.To do so,follow the below steps,

  • Log in to your Google+ account.
  • Click on your name which is present on the right top corner.
  • It will drop down a window with menu items.Click on Account settings menu
  • In the loaded window click on the Google+ tab which present on the left side bar.
  • You can Complete the above all steps in one step by visiting Google+ settings.
  • Under Set delivery preferences,You can see your email id and a link that says Add phone number.
  • Click on the link will drop down a box to fill your mobile number and country.Fill it with your mobile number.
  • Now Click on the “Send Verification Code” button.
  • It will send you a code to your mobile to verify.
  • Enter the verification code on the box available and click Verify.
  • Done!.Now your phone is integrated with Google+ and start receiving notification

To edit notification preferences check How to Change notification settings for Google+.

When I tried to integrate my phone,It was showing that an internal error.We can expect the Google+ team will get into this problem very soon and fix it.

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