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In the previous posts we have seen about starting with Google+ and inviting all your friends to the Google+ social network.

Now in this post we are going to see How to remove or change notification from the Google+.As Google+ is the new social network from Google,there may be a number of your friends will join to this network on coming days.Since the number of friends increases the activity by them will also increases.So number of notification will fill your email inbox since the notification is enables default to your account.To avoid this problem we can remove or edit the notification settings.Below are the simple steps to edit or remove notification from Google+.

Disable or Limit Google+ Notification setting.

Most of us are removed the notification from the Facebook ,since it is flooding our email inbox with notification.The similar situation may happen with Google+ social network.Some times it may force us to change the notification settings.If you are in that condition just follow the below steps to disable or limit your Google+ notification.

  • Log in to your Google+ account.
  • Click on your name which is present on the right top corner.
  • It will drop down a window with menu items.Click on Account settings menu
  • In the loaded window click on the Google+ tab which present on the left side bar.
  • You can Complete the above all steps in one step by visiting Google+ settings.
  • Read the options on the page and untick the boxes for which you don’t want to receive notification.
  • When you make changes,it will automatically change the settings.So you no need to save the changes further.

You can refer my previous posts to know more about Google+ .More Tricks on Google+ will be published soon..Keep tuned with us.

I am not sure how to stop notification to the peoples who are all not yet joined in the Google+

4 thoughts on “How to Remove or Disable Email Notification from Google+”
  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your article.
    My question, how to remove all my emails from google+, when I have NO google+ account?
    Some of my friends have google+ and they share contents with my other emails (they are on different domains, not on gmail), but when I got an email, the Unsibscribe link does not work.
    This google+ is a sucks from my point of view.
    Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi,
        Problem solved.
        It did not work with my web-email client. I had to install a standalone email client to get it work.
        Just for unsubscribe from g+. I really hate it.

      2. I have the same problem. Yes, there’s an ‘unsubscribe’ link, but it only gives me two options: Unsubscribe from ALL Google+ email notifications, or “Don’t unsubscribe. Continue sending email notifications” — no “Unsubscribe from Google+ email nottifications from this specific user.” I am amazed that a company like Google would not think of such an option: it’s maddening.

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