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  • How Invite my Friends to Google+

You may now enjoying Google Plus .Then it will arise a question that How can I invite or inform my friends to Google+ or about Google+.This tutorial will show you or help you “how to invite your friends to Google plus”.It is very simple if you follow the below steps.

  • Log in to your Google+ account by clicking here
  • Click on the circles button which is present on the center top of window(refer below image) or you can click here to visit directly
Google Circle -Google plus
Google+ circles
  • Now in the appeared page look on the bottom left side ,there you can see a circle with white color named “Drop here to create a new circle”.When you mouse hover it will show Create Circle.Click on it.
  • Clicking on it will create a new pop up as shown below.
Inite your friends to Google+
Invite your friends to Google+
    • You can Circle name box there you can give your circle name(I named as Invited)
    • Now click on the Add a new Person and add the persons you want to invite.
    • Now click on the Create circle with Xperson
    • Once you are created the circle click on the Share Button,which is present on the Rightmost top corner.
    • Now write something to share and click on the Link “Add circles or persons to share with” and select the group “invite“(Invite is my circle name,Select your circle as per the name)

Invite your friends to Google+

Invite your friends to Google+
  • Don’t un tick the box “also email xperson not yet using Google+”
  • Now click on the share button.
  • Done!.The invite will send the persons who are all in the circle as email.

I know it is little complicated process,We can expect a solution from Google for this assistance

More Tricks on Google+ Social network is coming soon.Keep tuned with us….


Yeah,Google introduced new easy way to invite your friends to Google+,You can utilize the right side bar option to invite your friends by using their email id.Just see the screen shot below.

Invite friends to Google+
Invite friends to Google+

Hope you invited your friends to Google+ and all your friends are there in Google+

10 thoughts on “Easy Way to Invite Your Friends to Facebook”
  1. what is the website of google plus??
    how to access it???without any websitw or any icon to open it…can you give me the reply please..

    1. You can just enter the URL http://www.plus.google.com to your address bar to access Google+.If you are first time to Google+ you need to get an invitation from some one who is already using it.For an invitation you can drop a comment below…

  2. hei..tell me one thing,without wwebsite how one can acces this google plus…
    please teel the website or any icon or software neede to this..
    And also tell is gmail is now advanced to google plus or its a totally new thing and different from gmail..
    Do reply…

    1. You can access the Google+ by following http://www.plus.google.com .Since it is in test running only the invited peoples are allowed to access the Google+ service.For an invitation,you can leave a comment…

    1. Welcome !.Now its easier than that in the article,Since Google+ has launched the invite option in it.. 🙂

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