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Are you tired of manually copying and pasting your tweets to your Facebook wall? With the integration of Twitter and Facebook, you can now easily post your tweets directly to your Facebook wall. This means you no longer have to switch between platforms or repeat the same message multiple times. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up this feature and save yourself some time and energy.

Share tweets to facebook

Step 1: Connect Your Twitter and Facebook Accounts

To start, you will need to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This can be done by going to your Twitter settings and linking your Facebook account under the “Apps and Devices” section. Once linked, your tweets will automatically be posted to your Facebook wall.

Step 2: Customize Your Post Settings

Once your accounts are connected, you can customize your post settings. You can choose to post all of your tweets or only select tweets by using filters. You can also choose to post tweets to your Facebook profile, page, or group.

Step 3: Test Your Settings

After customizing your post settings, it’s a good idea to test them. You can do this by tweeting something and checking to see if it is posted on your Facebook wall. If it is not, you may need to adjust your settings or check your account connections.

Step 4: Enjoy Saving Time

With your Twitter and Facebook accounts linked and your post settings customized, you can now sit back and relax. Your tweets will automatically be posted to your Facebook wall, saving you time and energy. You can now focus on creating great content, rather than worrying about cross-promotion.


Posting your Twitter tweets directly to your Facebook wall is a great way to save time and energy. By connecting your accounts and customizing your post settings, you can easily share your tweets with your Facebook audience. No more manual copying and pasting, no more switching between platforms. Just one click and your tweet is on Facebook. And now you have more time to focus on what really matters, creating great content.

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  1. Hi ! This info is great !
    Can i set it up for my iphone4 as well. When i want to tweet will it give me an option “link to facebook” ?

    Please help!

    Many thanks in advance.

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