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Facebook is added video chat with the help of Skype.With the help of Facebook video chat option you can make one-to-one video chat.

Days ago Google launched Google+ a new social network made a competition to the worlds largest social network Facebook.This is the reason that Facebook made a partnership with Skype.

Integration of video chat to the Facebook considered as the another reason to users engaged with Facebook.But at the starting it will allow only to make video chat between two peoples.We can expect video chat between multiple peoples on Facebook soon.Since,the Google+ featureĀ  Hangout allows a group 25 persons can video chat at a time.


How to make a video chat with Facebook

To get started with Facebook video chat .You need to follow the below procedure.

Facebook video chat
Facebook video chat
  • Clicking Get Started button will pop up the chat box and ask you to select a friend to make video call.
  • Select any friend who is online and click on the video chat button.
Video chat in Facebook
Make a video chat in Facebook
  • A pop up will be appeared and will ask you to Set up video call click on the Set Up button.
  • It will open a FacebookVideoCallSetup_v1.2.199.0.exe.Just click on the Save file Button.
  • It has a size of 482KB.Once download completed double click on it and Run.
  • It will install the plug in for your Facebook video chat.
  • up on completing the installation you can make video call on Facebook.

You can also check Google+ where 25 members can make video chat at a time as a group.

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