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Google,The giant in web search has removed all the co.cc domain from their search results.This is really a sad news for large number of users who are all enjoying the benefit of free domain from co.cc.The co.cc is a domain service with large number of user base.They providing free one year domain name.Large number of webmasters used the benefit of this free domain and running their sites with .co.cc sub domain.Some of the sites acquired a higher page rank in Google.

The co.cc is allowing all users to signup and use their service for free.This facility utilized by lot of spammers that lead to the removal of co.cc from Google search results.There are a lot of blogger they are utilizing the feature co.cc in genuine manner.But the activity by some of spammers lead to blocking of entire co.cc sub domains from Google search result.

Why banned co.cc domain from Google search

Matt Cutts head of the internet spam protection in Google said that “some bloggers are having good sites with CO.CC due to many Spammers I personally feel banning CO.CC in Google Search Engine is a right move to stop encouraging Spammers”.

After this news came,I personally made a search on Google to verify the news.and got a result .The screen shot of my search is given below.

Google banned co.cc from Google search results
Google banned co.cc from Google search results

I also made the same search in yahoo.That listed me a number pages search results.But most of the users are using Google for searching,will result a huge down in the visits to the site.

Update : Google started re indexing of co.cc domains.I don’t know why Google blocked all co.cc domains and after a period it again put in Google search.May be it come as warning for all spammers and the owners of such providers.

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  1. I agree with you “phone reviews”.Even I know, there are a lot of good blogs running with co.cc sub domain…

  2. The tips will not work at this time.Better you get a new domain and give a 301 redirect from old one .It will give only the effect of new site 🙁

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