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By launching the Google+,Google trying to end the monopoly of Facebook in Social network world for the past years.The Facebook and Twitter was giving a majority role in the search results.However we can ensure that the Twitter feeds may not be visible in the Google search results since,the the contract of Google with the Twitter has ended.

We have early discussed lot on Google+ and its features.There are number of features which will help users to communicate each other.While considering Google+ for webmasters it is a place to increase the search ranking.How its possible? Google already announced that , the sites who shared in Google+ or +1ed in Google + will given priority in search results.Let us see how to influence it in Google search!

Google+ Feeds

Even this parts are very clear,the SEO world unable to predict the influence of the Google+ in the search results in near by future.But the news are coming that Google going to include the Google+ feeds in search results instead of Twitter feeds.If that is happened in future it will make a huge influence in Search results.


Sparks is the one of the other feature available in the Google+.By the help of Sparks the users can find their interests and can pin into their profile.The sparks also will make a role in the SEO.SEO community is trying to get indexed in sparks,since it is amazing feature available in Google+ and may rule in the future.

Posts in Google+

Posts are the major part in the Google+.Google indexes only public pages from Google+.It is not included any private pages in to search results.So the public posts and the comments on it is indexed in the Google very soon.It states that the Google+ makes a major role in SEO.

We have to wait some more days to understand how exactly the Google+ will help in SEO.

What you think about Google + and SEO ?

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  1. Thanks for sharing information with us about Google plus. Excellent post and very useful. Thanks again and keep sharing.

  2. yea thats right google plus is very helpful in seo. Google crawler consider the plus 1s and posts on google plus for ranking any site

  3. Also people try to buy plus 1s from various site to cheat google. But google is much smarter and consider unique and real plus 1s from readers.

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