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Today we are going to see about creating a favicon icon for your blogger blog.Most of them are not giving a care on creating a favicon for their blog.Even though the favicon icon is a small one,it is very important for a a website or blog.Favicon icons are the identification for the blog.Which help to identify the exact website where number tabs are opened at the same time.Also the favicon is most useful for some other purpose.So it is very important to have a favicon for your blog.For the MoreTricks blog you can see a MT symbol on the tab which will be helpful to identify my blog similarly you can see favicon icon for most of the websites and blogs

Favicon icon for blogger blog

You can go through the below simple steps to make your own favicon icon for your blog.

  • Prepare an image

The first step you have to make is creating a image.You can use software’s such as photoshop for the creation of a image for your blog.If not you can visit any of the logo creator sites for creating a logo image.

  • Create icon

Once you are ready with your image,it has to convert into icon with a size of 16×16.You can do it by uploading your image to any of the online icon converter sites.

  • Upload the icon

Now you have to make the icon available online.You can upload the icon in to any of image uploading sites.Get the direct URL to that image.

  • Adding to Blog

Now you can go to you blog and proceed to design->Edit html

Now you can add the below code into your head section.

<link href=’Your icon URL here‘ rel=’shortcut icon’ type=’image/vnd.microsoft.icon’/>

Don’t forget to change Your icon URL here with your exact URL of icon.

Now save the template and visit your blog to see your new favicon.

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  1. bro…….u have’nt provided the screenshots which are very necesaary for a detailed tut. dont mind mah words. just suggestions.

    And bro plz add mah site in ur blogrool.i’ll do the same. Thnx

    1. These are all very basic and simple steps…So no need of any screen shots … 🙁

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