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There are a lot of tools available in the Internet world to check your website status online.This tools will help you to identify the bugs or to analyses your site with Search engine optimization.But some tools in these are giving you some bad reports about your site.

Here I am with some tools that will help you to analyses your site or blog more accurately.The sites with bad behavior may cause spamming you..So be care about using the analysis sites for SEO.

Best site to Test your SEO

As I told in my previous posts,the speed of the website makes a major factor in the SEO.So it is important to make sure that your sites loading time is low .

There are a lot of tools to check your website or blog loading time.But I selected some tools from those number of tools that will give you a better result.


Yslow from yahoo developers is a plug in for your browser which will analyse your blog or website very deeply.It makes a summary about your page components and suggest some tips to improve the blog quality.No need to visit any site to check your status since it is installed as add on.

Check Yslow Now


Woorank is another one great tool to check your websites performance and SEO optimality.It is an online tool to test your blog.It also ranks your site by validating various factors.It gives some suggestions also to increase your site performance.

Check Woorank Now

It is truth that a lot of tools online to check your website performance analyses your blog.But I found that the above free tools will help you more on analysis..

There are number of other sites which provides same facility.Even with Google provides the facility to check your websites and lists the problems of your blog.Hope this tools was helpful for you to analyze your blog

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